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G9PHARMA always tries to be the best technology company.

Product portfolios

Introduce the contents of G9PHARMA's product.

I'd like to inform you of the product details of our G9PHARMA that makes a small difference.

Develops and produces lens for camera optics and various application optics

  • CIF-class lenses
  • VGA-class lenses
  • MEGA-class lenses
    (1.3M / 2M / 3M / 5M / 8M / 13M / 16M or higher)
  • Auto Zoom Lens
  • Auto Focus Lens
  • VCM Motor SOLUTION for AF
Applied optics
  • Fingerprint recognition device
  • HMD
  • CCTV
  • a medical endoscope
  • a car lens
  • Google Glass
  • Mobile camera non-fabricated lens design
  • Auto Zoom and Auto Focus Lens Design
  • Tool design for AF/AF Zoom / Fixed Focus
  • Precision mold making of non-spherical lenses
  • HMD lens design
  • Camera lens design for vehicles
  • Security (IR camera, IP camera, CCTV), medical lens design
  • Camera lens design for fingerprint recognition devices
  • Vaccine
  • diagnostic kit