Company overview Company overview

G9PHARMA always tries to be the best technology company.

Ethics management

We will set the ethical corporate culture as the best value and develop it.

"Adopting “ethics and morality” as management concepts

Seek fair and transparent competition

We work on ethics management so that ethics management can be established throughout the company.

A code of ethics
We value corporate social responsibility, act on a fair basis in business activities to obtain customer value and trust, and declare that we do not accept any consequences that deviate from these criteria.
The high ethical standards that we protect are naturally achieved as a sound corporate culture established by each employee's voluntary participation rather than by the established regulations, and are inherited to a beautiful tradition.

I. Ethics Charter

The ethics management department carries out various tasks related to ethics management so that G9PHARMA's ethical management can be established throughout the company.

The company is leading the establishment of ethical corporate culture by checking ethics compliance, correcting irregularities, and checking and taking corrective action for violations.

One, we perform our duties honestly and fairly based on a high sense of ethics and a bright and fine mind.

One, we always put our customers' precious value first with the best solutions and services.

One, we respect shareholder value by realizing benefits from efficient management.

One, the transaction with the partner is transparent and fair in an effort to enable mutual development in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

One, we comply with various laws of the country and the community and contribute to the development of local communities through voluntary social service.

One, we become the best experts in our continuous self-development efforts with pride as a professional.

One, we maintain honor and dignity, do not cheat in any way, and prioritize the company's profit in carrying out business.

II. Code of Ethics

Chapter 1 Basic Responsibilities

1.1 Creating the best products and services
Creates the best products and services targeting the world's first-rate companies.
  • Quality is our best value, not something to compromise or compromise.
  • We do our best to secure the best, cheapest, quickest, and best competitive edge.
  • It leads the development of human society by creating new values through continuous innovation and R&D.
1.2 Customer Intermediate
We do our best to satisfy customers with the belief that "there is a G9PHARMA because there is a customer."
  • Priority consideration is given to customer satisfaction in all decisions.
  • Provide products and services that satisfy the customer's needs and expectations.
  • Identify the customer's trend first and respond one step ahead.
1.3 Lead in Quality of Life
We respect individual dignity and values and leads the improvement of mental and material quality of life.
  • We respect everyone's individuality and character.
  • No discrimination is made based on race, nationality, sex, academic background, religion, or region from which they come.
  • We do our best to improve ourselves, our family, and the mental and material quality of life in the human community.

Chapter 2 Response shareholders

2.1 Protection of shareholder interests
Protect shareholder returns by realizing stable returns through sound management activities.
  • It ensures return on investment by securing competitive advantage by continuously reducing costs and improving productivity.
  • Respect shareholders' right to know, legitimate demands, suggestions, and formal decisions.
2.2 Disclosure of management information
Management information shall be faithfully disclosed for the purpose of establishing mutual trust with the shareholders of the management information.
  • The entity shall actively disclose business information, such as management details and business activities, to shareholders and stakeholders in accordance with the related statutes.
  • Management information is faithfully disclosed by selecting the appropriate timing and method.

Chapter 3 Customer Respect

3.1 Customer Preservation
Always respect the customer, thank the customer, think from the customer's point of view.
  • Treat all customers fairly and equally.
  • In operating activities, the quality, performance and specifications of the product and service are not marked or expressed against facts or misleading by the customer.
  • Accommodate diverse customer needs to provide optimal solutions.
3.2 Be sure to keep your promise with your customers.
We treats customers with sincerity, kindness, and pleasure.
  • Accommodate customer complaints and suggestions.
  • Respond quickly and accurately to customer needs.
  • Be sure to keep your promise with your customers.
3.3 Customer Protection
Protect customer safety, benefits and information.
  • Quality is secured first to prevent damages caused by defects.
  • Inform the client about his/her safety in a way that the customer fully understands the use precautions.
  • Protect customers' physical, intellectual property, information, and reputation with great care.

Chapter 4 Coexistence with Society

4.1 Customer Respect
As a corporate citizen, We faithfully performs the roles and duties required by society, and seeks harmony, cooperation and co-development with the community.
  • Create employment through sustainable business activities and fulfill social responsibility as a corporate citizen with sincere tax payment.
  • Social contribution activities actively participate in social services, disaster relief and social enlightenment activities as part of corporate social responsibility.
  • It builds community and network with institutions and organizations to enrich human society and develops relationships.
4.2 Mutual trust with suppliers
Under the principle of co-existence and co-prosperity, the business is conducted in a fair and sincere manner.
  • The relevant factors are considered fairly and fairly in selecting the best management partner.
  • do not exercise any form of undue coercion or influence using superior status.
  • The medical institution pursues joint development through all possible support necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of business partners.
4.3 Compliance with Laws and Fair Competition
In business and business activities, all national and local laws are complied with, and social values such as culture and customs are respected.
  • He is faithful to all laws, norms, and basic order, and respects culture and customs.
  • We respect the order of market competition and does not profit by dishonest means that go beyond commercialism.
  • We respect our competitors and compete freely and fairly with legitimate methods and skills.

Chapter 5 Achieving Professionalism

5.1 Honor and dignity
Honor and dignity protect honor and dignity by living human beauty, morality, manners and etiquette.
  • We value life together and protects her honor and dignity by living human beauty, morality, manners and etiquette based on her bright and fine mind.
  • Do not engage in unethical or illegal acts that can be condemned by society.
  • Recognizing that households are the root of social life, they refrain from luxuries, waste, ostentation, gambling and excessive drinking and do not use violence.
5.2 Self-control, creative, and challenging
Respect individual autonomy, creativity and challenging spirit.
  • recognize one's duties and roles, act autonomously on a basis, and take responsibility for the consequences.
  • To create a better value, he always listens with challenging and creative attitude.
  • We respect creative ideas and suggestions, and pursue ceaseless innovation to be the spearhead of change creation.
5.3 Self-development and load-building
To adapt to the rapidly changing global business environment and to achieve world-class competitiveness, We strive to develop ourselves.
  • Individuals become top experts with a sense of professional pride and ceaseless self-development.
  • Managers discover the talents and talents of departmental staff and develop them into top experts in each field.
  • Colleagues should try to develop into each other by sharing skills and information to solve tasks.

Chapter 6 Basic Ethics of Employees

1 Construction Category
Clear the distinction between construction work and do not seek private interest by using his or her position.
  • You should work without personal feelings and interests.
  • In carrying out business, the interests of the company are always given priority.
  • We do not cheat in any way, including direct or indirect money, special favors, convenience, or reception of entertainment from stakeholders.
6.2 Information protection
Information obtained during the performance of a task shall never be released without prior authorization or approval even after retirement.
  • Information and assets are only available for business purposes and comply with the customer's carry-in procedure.
  • Information obtained during the performance of a task shall never be released without prior authorization or approval even after retirement.
  • Various information about the activities is recorded and reported accurately based on facts and is managed as a knowledge asset of the company.
6.3 Personal benefits related to performance
In performing personal gain tasks related to performance, do not cheat for personal gain.
  • Do not make personal transactions with groups or trading companies for profit purposes.
  • It does not invest in a trading company or group that has interests with the company, nor does it have a financial relationship.
6.4 Use of Company Assets
Company assets are not used for personal use.
  • The company's assets are as precious as mine and don't cause loss, misuse or theft.
  • Do not copy, install, use, transfer, or store illegal software and do not use personally purchased software.
  • Do not use the company's information, data, devices or facilities for external or personal use.
6.5 Prohibition of employment
Restriction of double work and sub-employment
  • It does not interfere with double work and work. It is not operated by establishing a separate company, such as a subsidiary activity (including arbit).
  • Do not provide business-acquired intellectual property, work knowledge to other companies or lend certificates to other companies.
  • Do not use the company's products or services to provide or sell maintenance or support services for separate remuneration.
6.6 Healthy Working Environment
Based on smooth communication, mutual trust, and respect, the company strives to foster exciting workplace.
  • We don't talk or do things that contain social or cultural prejudices such as sexual harassment or slander against the disabled.
  • We respect each other and keep their promises, and do not lie, make excuses, or make excuses.
  • We do not transact money between employees and do not provide gifts to their superiors.
6.7 Respect for intellectual property rights
Recognizes the importance of intellectual property, including business secrets, and respects other people's rights while protecting and protecting their own rights.
  • In order to secure or retain the intellectual property rights of the company and to provide the intellectual property rights of the company to third parties, the measure shall be taken after obtaining prior approval or approval of the company.
  • Information about competitors or customers is collected in a legitimate and legitimate way.
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and do not harm the company by infringing or using them on purpose.

Chapter 7. The Code of Ethics

7.1. Money
  • Money, checks, and securities are not accepted under any circumstances.
  • Gift certificates, membership (Golf, Health, etc.) are not accepted under any circumstances.
  • When visiting suppliers, they do not receive gas passes or transportation fees.
  • Do not accept items worth more than 30,000 won for promotion, telegram, or name.
  • If delivered home, refuse to receive. However, if an item less than 30,000 won is received, it shall be reported to the responsible officer in writing.
  • Do not accept any gifts (goods) of support or sponsorship from suppliers in connection with department picnics, mountaineering and athletic events.
7.2. Entertainment and cost increases
  • Accommodation and cost increases, or excessive discounts.
  • When purchasing our products under personal name, we do not receive discounts or free discounts.
  • It does not bet with its partner employees (golf, Gostop, poker, and others).
  • It is not required to handle public or private expenses when travelling together with subcontractor at home or abroad.
  • Does not request subcontractor to handle expenses incurred after a department dinner.
7.3. food
Meals with food partner employees are available in local restaurants, and meals from outside are limited to social norms.
7.4. request
  • Do not exert any solicitation or pressure that may be condemned socially.
  • Do not make personal requests or requests to suppliers (product sales, insurance registration, various discount ticket sales, etc.)
7.5. Information utilization
  • Information obtained in connection with the work of an information service company shall not be used for personal benefit.
  • Do not divulge any information obtained from the Company's confidential or subcontractor to others.
7.6. Job performance
  • It is not intended to be paid by the subcontractor for a deliberate delay.
  • Be courteous and courteous to the visiting staff of subcontractor.
  • Be nice to the partner, not to be direct.
7.7. Etc
Do not do anything that is similar to entertainment or bribes that are not mentioned above.
  • The Act on the Prevention of Water Supply (Kim Young-ran Act) shall be complied with.

Chapter 8. Complying with the Code of Ethics

All officers and employees shall comply with the Code of Ethics, and officials and managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees comply with the Code of Ethics.
  • In the event of a violation of the Code of Ethics, a thorough cause investigation and education are provided to prevent recurrence.
  • All employees shall comply with the Code of Ethics faithfully and shall be responsible for such actions as to be punished if they violate it.
  • If a person is forced or recognized to violate the ethics code, inform the department manager or the management planning department and consult with the team leader or department manager in advance if there are any questions.

Chapter 9. Ethics Officer

9.1 Internal auditor
  • The internal audit supervised by the internal audit is the head of the management planning department.
9.2. Internal audit cycle
  • Conduct an internal audit cycle once a year.
9.3. How to audit
  • The audit manager of the audit method management planning department shall perform.
9.4 Internal reporting
  • Internal reporting audit results are reported to the CEO.
Ethics management department
The ethics management department carries out various tasks related to ethics management so that G9PHARMA's ethical management can be established throughout the company.
The company is leading the establishment of ethical corporate culture by checking ethics compliance, correcting irregularities, and checking and taking corrective action for violations.
Ethics management reporting method
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