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G9PHARMA always tries to be the best technology company.


This is the way to G9PHARMA.

Sikmakgol, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 90 (Gyeonggi-do 223-22)
a traffic guide

a car ride

A.Jamsil, Bundang-direction
Move about 5km from Moran Market intersection to Gong 2 and 3

B. Direction of Gyeongbu Expressway
The 3rd National Road, which moves about 2km (Songnam, Songpa-direction), is about 300m straight to Gwangju and 300m to the right after turning left towards the Moran-direction, and then 5km

C. Direction of Out-of-Circle Road
Pto-turn left in the direction of Moran from Seongnam IC (Gwangnam, Gwangju), 5Km moving

Public transportation

From Exit 3 of Moran Station, use 33 or 55 at the bus stop (this takes 25 minutes)
Arriving Station: Exit from the old industrial complex (you can get off the bus and cross the crosswalk.)